Derek sits in the middle of the 3 Allen and is the man responsible for producing all of Castlemine Farms Beef, Lamb and Pork. Derek has an almost fanatical focus on producing quality. While he favours the traditional farming practices, he isn’t afraid to look to modern method if they mean a better product. As well as being a farmer Derek is also a qualified carpenter which came in handy when he renovated the Castlemine Farmhouse he now lives in with his wife Liza and Sean (aged 8) and Ciara (aged 6). Derek does not understand the concept of free time.

Derek Allen

    The youngest of the 3 Allen brothers, Brendan is an Entrepreneur, a Farmer and a Marine Scientist. After receiving a Masters in Environmental Science Brendan returned to start the Castlemine Farm venture with his brother Derek and is now the driving force behind the Farms sales division. Brendan’s skills as an entrepreneur and lecturer have also lead him to UCD where he works part-time as Head of Programme Development in The Innovation Academy. In what little spare time he has Brendan is also a selector with the Kilbride GAA senior team.

    Brendan Allen